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    Welcome to Mayfield Home Hill (formerly Genius Childcare Home Hill), nestled in the serene rural town of Home Hill, just across the road from the local primary school. We are delighted to offer your child an inclusive indoor and outdoor learning experience that is sure to ignite their creativity and curiosity.

    Our team of highly experienced educators takes immense pride in nurturing the developmental of your child's early years. We believe that these formative years are the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth. Our goal is to provide your child with the best possible start, empowering them to reach their fullest potential.

    At Mayfield Home Hill, we're more than just a childcare centre; we're a caring community dedicated to fostering a love for learning, exploration, and self-discovery. We invite you to explore our learning spaces, meet our passionate team, and embark on this exciting educational journey with us. Together, we'll shape a bright and promising future for your child. Welcome to our Mayfield Home Hill family!

    98 Fifteenth Street Home Hill, QLD 4806
    Monday to Friday: 6:30am - 6:30pm
    07 4765 3535


    • XPLOR Playground
    • Allergy Aware
    • Sun Safe Aware
    • Secure Access for families
    • Nutritionally-balanced meals provided
    • Nappies Supplied
    • Sunscreen Supplied
    • Regular Incursions & Excursions
    • Community Connection
    • Gardening Programs
    • Shaded Outdoor Areas
    • On-site Car Parking
    • STEM Focused Learning
    • Play-based Learning

    All inclusions are subject to availability and are provided at the discretion of the centre director.


    Rate per day
    • Nursey
    • Toddler
    • Pre-Kinder
    • Kinder

    For more information on how fees are charged, please contact the centre. To see how this would effect your CCS, use our estimator.



    During the nursery stage, infants and young toddlers are in the early stages of their development. The focus of a childcare centre in this stage is primarily on providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. Our team prioritise building secure attachments with each child, fostering a sense of trust and emotional security. Activities often focus on sensory exploration, fine and gross motor development, language acquisition, and social interaction.



    The toddler stage is a time of rapid growth and exploration. Children at this age are developing their independence, language skills, and social abilities. At Mayfield, the focus shifts towards fostering self-help skills, promoting language development, and encouraging social interactions and play. Activities may include imaginative play, early literacy and numeracy experiences, sensory exploration, and physical activities that enhance coordination and motor skills.


    Junior Kinder

    The Junior Kindy stage is a time of further growth and development joining what the Toddler development with the preparation for Pre-Kindergarten Stage. Children at this age have gained further independence, language skills, and social abilities and are actively strengthening their skills. At Mayfield, the focus shifts towards further embedding self-help skills, promoting a wider language development range, and encouraging stronger connections through social interactions and play. Activities may include imaginative play, literacy and numeracy experiences, sensory exploration, problem-solving abilities, promoting emotional regulation and physical activities that enhance coordination and motor skills.



    The pre-kindergarten stage marks a significant period of cognitive, social, and emotional development. Children in this stage are curious, eager to learn, and ready to engage in more structured activities. The focus of Mayfield during the pre-kindergarten stage is on developing early literacy and numeracy skills, fostering problem-solving abilities, and promoting social-emotional development.



    Kindergarten is the final stage before children transition to formal schooling. At this stage, children have developed foundational skills and are ready for more structured learning experiences. Many of our centres align their programs with the early years of schooling, focusing on preparing children for a successful transition. The emphasis is on further developing literacy and numeracy skills, fostering critical thinking, promoting social skills, and encouraging independence and self-regulation. Activities may include phonics and reading instruction, basic math concepts, problem-solving tasks, science exploration, creative arts, and collaborative projects.

    Welcoming and modern space.

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    Meet Tamara

    My name is Tamara and I'm the Centre Manager at Mayfield Early Education Home Hill situated in the heart of the Burdekin, a well known Sugar Cane Region. I have 14 years experience in the Early Childhood Sector from an educator position to managing childcare services. I am very passionate about the Early Years sector, to me this is the basis of learning, the beginning of a child’s educational journey. I strive to create an inclusive environment and one that reflects and engages the local community. I look forward to welcoming you into our beautiful regional centre!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We provide most of the essentials that may be needed throughout the day. We ask that you pack and label; spare clothes, water bottle, comfort items/dummies. And if your child requires a sleeping bag, milk bottles, formula, or breast milk.

    We offer orientation sessions for families to come along before the first day to have a short play with us. These sessions are usually close to the first day and act as a good lead in. It gives you, your child, and the educators time to get to know each other and the opportunity to ask any questions or provide important information. These sessions are usually organized once enrolment is confirmed, they last for 2 hours and are free of charge. Talking about it at home is also a great way to get your child excited for all the amazing experiences they will get to be a part of.

    Be positive! Make the drop off a happy experience and take a few minutes to help your child to settle in. The mornings can be busy, but taking some time to find an activity your child enjoys and saying goodbye can help for a smoother start to their day. There will always be a warm and caring educator on hand to help. You are always welcome to give the centre a call after you have left for an update.

    The educator to child ratio varies depending on state and territory, we meet or exceed this ratio. 0 to 24 months the ratio is 1:4 in all states and territories. 24 to 36 months the ratio is 1:5 in QLD and SA, and 1:4 in VIC. Over 36 months the ratio is 1:11 in QLD, SA and VIC. You can find out more on the ACECQA website.

    It is important to take the time to find a centre where you feel confident and comfortable and know your child will be safe, happy, and protected. Find a centre that provides a learning environment where careful guidance and role modelling by educators can help children become competent, independent and develop valuable life skills. It is also important to consider aspects that will impact your family such as location, cost, and inclusions.

    All Mayfield Early Education centres aim to meet or exceed the National Quality Standards and Regulatory requirements of an early childhood service. We regularly update our policies and procedures to ensure that children, family, and educators are aware of their requirements and responsibilities to help keep children in our care happy, safe and protected. As a parent or guardian of a Mayfield Early Education centre, you can find out more by visiting www. This page requires a password which you can obtain from your Centre Manager upon your enrolment.


    Both my children love it! The staff are wonderful and the atmosphere is amazing. I am happy to know i can go about my day and leave my children in the hands of someone who will help them learn and to improve their personal development.


    As a mother who is very attached to her daughter, I was very reluctant to place my daughter into daycare due to other local centres reputations.. However after hearing positive feedback about Mayfield Early Education Home Hill, I decided to enrol my daughter for one day a week. The centre director Tamara answered all of my questions and provided my husband and I with an opportunity to take our daughter into the centre prior to her first day to get familiar with the environment. The lead educator of the Windmill room has been nothing but wonderful and has implemented fantastic early learning activities for our daughter to engage in.


    My 2 grand-daughters whom I care for have both attended Mayfield Home Hill and have certainly had some great learning experiences and made caring relationships with their educators. The care and well being of all the children is well catered for and this makes it so much easier knowing the children are happy and on the right path for the start of their schooling years.


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